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Homicide Rates 1900-1990
Gun Restrictions vs. Crime Rates
Weapons Used in Violent Crimes
12 Leading Causes of Death
Restrictions vs. Homicides & Robbery
Causes of Death in the U.S.
Myth vs. Truth: Guns & Crime
"Assault Rifles" vs. Violent Crime
"Assault Rifles" vs. Homicides
Accidents Among Children
Fatalaties Among Children
Police Deaths
Incarceration is a Bargain
Immigration & Crime
Illegitimate Births, Schools & Crime Rates
Murder vs. Marital Fertility
Homicides vs. Execution - The Unwanted Truth

Firearms Production

Production 1973-2005
Production, Import, Export 1899-1989
Pistols by Company
Revolvers by Company
Rifles by Company
Shotguns by Company
Revolvers by Caliber
Firearms Exports

Firearms Facts

General Firearms Facts
Tax Revenue on Firearms Sales
Number of FFL's
Hunting License Revenues

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